Vulnerable = strong

When you start a diet or an exercise program do you tell people?  Every person is different in how and what they share.  And whatever way that works for you IS right.  But the kicker is what actually WORKS for you?  Telling people about a plan puts you in a very vulnerable spot.  But what […]

Just One Thing…

Why is the term “on plan” even a term?  Why do we have to be on a plan, or a diet, or a phase?  I think it actually encourages “going off” – if you think you have to “go on.”  The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  And I’m currently part of it, […]

It’s time to see YOU!

Who are we in the mirror and who are we to the public?  Some people who I think own the room when they walk in it feel like the room is closing in on them.  Some women who by even the most classic standards are gorgeous see themselves as plain.  I witness people’s successes all […]


Multiple choice:  You stayed on your plan, your diet, your whatever, all week.  When you weighed in you were a pound higher than last week.  You A) Jump up and down and shout – HOORAYYYY!!!   B)  You growl at the next person you see.  C) You blame the plan, the diet, the whatever, because since […]

Five years at goal – Yay!

So I wrote *most* of this back in March at my 7 year anniversary walking in the door.  But I’m posting it here for two reasons:  1)  It still applies and 2) today is another anniversary – 5 years at goal!  So I’m all pumped!   It’s been 7 years since I walked in the […]