Believing is the first ingredient

Someone recently asked if I blogged.  I’m not a writer.  But I’ve written.  I used to say I’m not a blogger.  But maybe I am.  We’ll see how this goes!  So maybe I should not think about what I’m not – and instead think about what I am.

I am, among other things, a Weight Watcher leader.  This blog’s purpose is not to advertise Weight Watchers (although I firmly believe in the plan!)  But that is the food plan I follow right now, so I will rave and maybe not rave about certain things about it along the way.   So although I’ll talk a lot about that, this week in particular is what prompted me to start this blog.  This week’s topic is believing and succeeding. First you must believe in yourself.  Well, I’d say something brilliant like “Duh!” but it’s not obvious to everyone.  It’s the first ingredient in any success….believing you can do it.

Lucky for me, I’m celebrating this week. This week I celebrate FIVE years at goal. Yay me!   Staying at goal has been harder than losing weight. I’ve had emotional eating days (like before.) I’ve made good and bad choices (like before.) I’ve planned or not planned (like before.) I’ve had good days/weeks/months (like before.) I’ve cried in my own frustration (like before.)

I see myself staying this way because I’m not perfect – and Weight Watchers is the perfect plan for those of us who aren’t perfect. I don’t obsess about food or counting. My diet consists of what I do eat and not what I don’t eat. I love this plan.  From early on – walking in the door the first time, I suppose? – I believed that this plan would work for me.

This program is the most flexible, livable program! That’s hard for perfectionists… when they’re that much room for flexibility, it’s hard to wrap the control and perfectionism. Lucky for me that there is not a perfectionist strand of DNA in my body. I’m so loosey goosey. Again – the reason I believed this would work for me!

In a world of diets that serve meals out of a box, it’s so easy to know when you’re NOT on plan. If you have the homemade chocolate cake – you aren’t on it. But that’s not the case with Weight Watchers. You can have anything – making it a perfect plan for me.

I want my members to believe that they can achieve a lifetime weight goal and stay there. I want them to always believe that although there will be some rough days, they can do this…that they ARE doing this. I want them to understand that being accountable is more important than counting up to 29. I want them to know that rebounding is a more important skill to master than learning 8 ways to use boneless/skinless chicken breasts. I want them to truly feel successful and happy so that they can stick to something for longer than they have before. I want them being able to comfortably say, “I didn’t make good choices today, but they’re tracked and I’m okay. Moving on.” THAT is perfect. I want them to believe that they are all perfectly imperfect and isn’t it great that the plan they chose allows this to help them excel.  I want them to feel powerful and confident and inspire those around them like they inspire me.

And boy do they inspire me.  Yesterday’s members blew me away with their strength, their vulnerability, their total belief in themselves.  They help me believe that anything is possible… even blogging.


One thought on “Believing is the first ingredient

  1. As a former Weight Watchers member, I have to say I learned a lot from the program; but more importantly, from the friends I made THROUGH the program. Being born with an “all or nothing” mentality, weight loss and healthy weight maintenance are far from being as easy as “just do it.” It took quite a while, but something finally “clicked.” I find that the binge attitude has disappeared and has somehow been replaced with a “you can have this, but don’t go crazy all day (week, month, year, whatever).” It’s a nice feeling. And having that feeling come from inside of me makes it easier to live than when it comes from somewhere outside. Oh, and I LOVE bacon ~ and enjoy it with relish (NOT the condiment)!

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