Just One Thing…

Why is the term “on plan” even a term?  Why do we have to be on a plan, or a diet, or a phase?  I think it actually encourages “going off” – if you think you have to “go on.”  The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  And I’m currently part of it, so I’m bias that way.  So that’s why ON plan is a term… We somehow need to turn on a switch.  The problem with turning on a switch is that it sometimes turns off.  Sometimes it even burns out. 

So flip it.  Reframe.  Instead of going ON a plan, how about going OFF a plan? Look at what you’re currently doing.  What’s NOT working?  I know that the old Marci plan didn’t work.  It involved lots of couch sitting, lots of potato chip eating, lots of diet soda drinking, and lots of “low cal” or “low fat” foods.  I had to go OFF that plan!  But I couldn’t do it overnight just because I joined an organization that helped me.   I can’t do a 180 degree turnaround just because I am motivated for a moment in time. And if I do that turnaround, I can’t expect it to be sustainable. 

So for me the concept of “Just one thing” is what keeps me going.  Some days I’m so unmotivated that the “just one thing” is taking a vitamin.  But some days it’s an extra glass of water.  And some days there were no chips (GASP!) And then some days I thought about taking a walk – yeah, thought about. Then one day I was on the couch less and actually TOOK a walk.  Or maybe even a faster walk.  Or now maybe I’ll run to the next house.  Then maybe I’ll combine that extra glass of water and the run to the next house.  Then I’ll add a green vegetable.  And so on. 

Anyone can go OFF something that they’re doing that’s not working.  Pick one thing.  This “one thing” concept really helps because we get to feel successful.  Today, tonight, tomorrow.  One thing.  Only one.  Don’t go nuts about buying all the produce in the market or buying expensive running shoes or planning out your next two weeks of meals.  Pick something.  Throw out the chips or candy.  And then tell yourself that it’s enough.  For today, it’s enough. 

Then do it again.


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