Vulnerable = strong

When you start a diet or an exercise program do you tell people?  Every person is different in how and what they share.  And whatever way that works for you IS right.  But the kicker is what actually WORKS for you?  Telling people about a plan puts you in a very vulnerable spot.  But what does that vulnerability do for you? 

Some people think that putting themselves in a vulnerable position makes you weak.  Put the wall up.  Do you own thing.  Don’t tell anyone.  If you do well and they notice, you’ll deal with it then.  But telling people that you’re doing something – quitting smoking, dieting, starting to train for a race – sets you up for people to expect something.

I recently watched a TED talk about vulnerability.  The woman, in her research originally wanted to prove that the vulnerability would be painful, excruciating.  But what she found was that more joy came from vulnerability than pain.  I believe it makes you strong.  I believe the best thing that can happen is that YOU might expect something from yourself.  Be vulnerable.  Set a goal.  Tell the world.  Or not.  But tell the one in the mirror.  Be accountable to THAT person.  


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