I just don’t believe in goal weights.

On and off my adult life I’ve been on one diet or another – not just Weight Watchers.  I was successful in losing weight on almost all of them.  Keeping weight off is harder to do than losing.  I wasn’t successful keeping it off.  So on and off and on and off – never to get there.  And where is “there” anyway?  

I never returned to my “goal weight” and it was because I thought those two words were supposed to go together.  Goal. Weight.

Here’s where the word NOT slapped me upside the head.  Goal doesn’t mean a number.  Ok, so at Weight Watchers we have to assign a number so you’re free or maintenance or lifetime or whatever.  But in my personal opinion we need to rename it to something else.  Life weight?  Who knows – marketing isn’t my job.  They do fine in that department. 

About 7 and a half years ago I got serious about the whole diet thing again.  I didn’t join this time because I want to look great in my swimsuit for the summer or because a 30 year high school reunion or to be a size 4.  Those reasons were never enough – obviously.  This time I got serious with the right “goal” in my head.  The goal of change.  The goal of improvement.  The goal of health.  The goal of LIFE.  

I choose a life where I don’t have to be out of breath going up 2 flights of stairs; I choose a life where I don’t have to pick clothing based on the fact it hides my tush or thighs; I choose a life where the only reason I CAN’T do a 10k or a half marathon is my scheduling conflicts or the money it costs; I choose a life the rainbow of foods is a daily part of my day and therefore my body thanks me.  

Today’s weight is a minute in time.  It’s not a goal.  A number isn’t your goal.  Where were you – NOT in terms of a number on the scale, but in terms of your health?  Where are you now? Where do you want to go?  Go there.  Do things.  Start small. Make it a real journey.  Remembering asking your parent “what exit are we there?”  Each exit is something you want to do in your life, whether it be eating healthier or being more active.    

Choose a life goal – not a weight goal.



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