What do you want?

How do we wrap our head around what we want?  I mean, we can say we want “World Peace” but how bad?  Do you spend any time at all going after that?  We can say we want bacon (I use this example as it’s easy for me to understand.)  We’d then have to go to the store and buy it so we can have it.  Or we could order it out.  Or we could get the pre-made.  Or we can say, it’s not worth it.  (Huh?!) We can say we want to be thinner, stronger, faster, prettier – but what do we do about it?  Anything?  Something?  Nothing?  

Just today reading my Facebook feed I was faced with numerous friends exhibiting some sort of sadness or regret or resignation over choices that they made.  Be happy, or at least accepting, of every choice you make – however difficult. 

If you chose the chocolate cake – good for you.  Hope it was delicious!
If you chose to sign up for the race – good for you.  Nail it!
If you chose to make excuses – own that, too.  Your choice. 
If you chose to say “no thank you” to the baked goods – great! Feel victorious! 

There are consequences for our actions – good and bad.  Know and grasp those consequences and take action knowing that no action is action.   And it’s all right.  You are right.  Because it’s you and your choice – no one else’s.  We don’t get to judge others’ choices because it’s not what we think they should or should not do.    My friend always says, “What other people think about me is none of my business.”  Truth. 

Want versus need.  I want chocolate cake.  I need water.  I want wine.  (Wait a minute – that’s not a fair one.)  Yes it is.   What turns want in to need?  The doing something about it.  

Want.  Need.  Do!  


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