1-change4Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that change your life forever.
The key to change is to let go of fear.
Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

There are probably as many quotes about change as there are about love.  Changing “something” is necessary if you want “something” to change.  But people fear it.  Yes there are those of us who embrace change, but in my experience with people, I find that most shy away from it.

What do you want changed?
Your job? Your relationship?  Your hair color or cut?  Your diet?

Change, for changes sake isn’t always great.  My favorite of all change quotes is by Winston Churchill who said, “There is nothing wrong with change, if it’s in the right direction.”  So I suppose the first thing to decide is your direction.

Are you not happy in your job?  Could you be happier in your job if you changed something there or do you need to leave completely?
Do you really want a different relationship?  Or do you want something in your relationship to change to make you happier?
Do you want to go blonde?  Brunette? Shorter? Layered?
Do you want to actually change your diet?  Or do you want to change your body?

I run across a lot of people who want to change their body but not their diet.  As a Weight Watcher leader, what should I say that?  Actually, my instinct is to say – ME TOO!!!    I want to eat bacon and chocolate and cheese – and a lot of it.  I want to drink wine and beer and Fireball – whenever I want.  And I want to lose weight!   Show me the way!   (Okay…I don’t actually say that, but I want to.)

Some people say – well, of course you can do all those things if you just work out or work out more.  But isn’t that a change?  I don’t want to work out or work out more!  <stomps foot>

How do you pick a direction?  I guess we have to figure out what we want.  And how does what you want differ from what we want *right now*.  Because then we can break down the steps it’ll take, the small changes that we have to make to get it.  And then beautiful things happen.  That small change or those small changes that we made…those hard ones… become routine.

I do run across many people who are ready to make a change.  Eager.  They know that they have to do *something* in order for their body to change.  So they put their faith in the plan and leap.  I’d like them to do something else.  I think it’s most important to put their faith in themselves.  That’s much harder to do, but, in my opinion, necessary for success.

Feel the power of the decision to make whatever change you want.  YOU are powerful!  The faith in yourself to know you CAN first make the decision to change something actually helps you do it with gusto.  THEN feel the success of knowing you did it.  And that gusto gives you more power to make another one.  Go you!


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