The bigger victory

Scenario 1 – Imagine someone fed you for a week.  You have no control over what you eat.  A trainer works out with you.  At the end of the week you lose weight.  YAY!  Then you’re set free from the person who fed you and from the trainer.  The next week you wing it.  Not literally wings.  But you don’t know how to eat.  You don’t have anyone to make you exercise.  What did you learn? 

Scenario 2 – Imagine you educate yourself on foods and exercise.  What nourishes you?  Which food has which vitamins?  What exercises help your muscles, your heart rate?  What’s the correlation between exercise and cholesterol?  What are superfoods?  You educate yourself on ways to get through days when emotional eating would normally be your first go-to.  You learn how to control your environment.  Maybe you start making those little changes that turn in to habits.  What have you learned?

Scenario 2 obviously takes longer than a week.  It might take a month – maybe even a year or longer.  But I would take Scenario 2 over Scenario 1 Every. Single. Time.

Losing weight without learning about ourselves is a complete waste of time.  Take the time and find out who you are, what size is comfortable for you, and which vegetables you like to eat.  Take the time to try different activities and maybe one won’t be called exercise – it might just be called fun.  Take the time to listen to your body and know how it reacts to certain foods, certain triggers.  Look in the mirror and learn to like THAT person, because THAT person is so worth getting to know and getting to really become friends. 

The victory over pushing away food that you love – even once – is a HUGE victory.  The victory over making it through a really rough day without diving in to the cookies – even once – is a HUGE victory.  The victory over running a half a marathon when six months prior you couldn’t run to the next mailbox – is a HUGE victory.  Those things take time. 

You are SO worth the time!



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