Which do you like more?

Do you like food?  I love food.  I love bacon, and chocolate, and pastries, and vegetables, and steaks.  I like marshmallows and nuts and lobster and tacos.  I like decadent food, comfort food, snacky food, football food.  I like when it’s salty and crunchy.  I like the textures in my mouth.  I like spicy and herby and flavorful.  I like sweet and creamy.  Yeah… I like food.

Ok…next question… Do you like to eat?  I love to eat.  I love to sit down and enjoy food with my family – or even alone.  I like the process and all the routine around eating.  I like holding the fork or spoon.  I like taking a sticky pastry and taking that first bite.  I love the whole tactile experience of eating.  Yeah…I like eating.    

So which do you like more?  Food?  Or Eating?  This is not an easy question to answer.  But over the years of trying to lose weight I’ve had to really look at this.

If I love food, why was I eating crap?  Why was I heating up some boxed food, hardly tasting it, hardly recognizing what it once was when it was originally created?  Why, if I love homemade gooey cookies, was eating packaged cookies that were probably baked in a factory months earlier? Why was I eating fast?  As if it was a race?  Why was I eating distracted with TV and movies and work?  Why was I eating and not even tasting it?  And why was I *overeating* food I don’t even LIKE?    

So I had to really wonder if I liked food more than I liked eating or vice versa.  And really there is no right answer.  Maybe some days I like the act of eating and it’s not important *what* I eat.  And maybe some days it’s important to really savor the quality. 

I don’t have a solution here.  But I do know that if you have a definitive answer, then you should honor your answer.  If food is what you prefer, then enjoy GOOD food.  Enjoy the food you love and don’t bother eating foods you don’t LOVE.  You don’t have to eat all of it, but don’t eat food you don’t love.   If you love the act of eating, then enjoy eating.  Have your eating environment honor your love of eating.  Don’t do it so fast that you forgot it 10 minutes later. 

Even if your choice changes, honor it for the moment you’re there.  If today you love to eat, then eat.  Enjoy the eating.  If today you love food, then pick the foods you love and savor them.  The most important is to honor yourself.  Integrity is acting according to your own beliefs.  That applies to food and eating, too.  Let’s act – let’s eat – with integrity.


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