What’s the rush?

Numerous people in my life suggested that I repost a note I wrote earlier this year (before I started this blog) here.   So I am.  Obviously some of you have read it before.   I have adjusted it a bit.  But my opinions on this haven’t changed.  

I constantly notice a lot of posts and comments (Facebook, meetings, social conversations) about losing __ weight in___ time.  Why is the time factor in there?  What’s everyone’s rush?  Tons of ads for diets that talk about the time because that sells. Why?  What is the rush to lose weight?  Do you think something magical happens when get to see a number on the scale? 

I know a few people who have had bariatric surgery who have gained the weight back because they didn’t change the habits.  What was the rush? 

I see people who are *combining* different plans with other “cleanses” so that they can lose quickly.  Why?  What’s the rush?
  I have new members – the established members know how I feel about this – asking me how long it took.  What’s the rush? 

You have a reunion?  A wedding?  A cruise?  Do you know what happens a huge percentage of the time when these dates loom?  People DIET – really deprive diet to lose weight fast for that event.  If they stick to that diet and lose weight for the event, the event happens and all sorts of craziness ensues and they eat and eat and eat and gain it all back plus more. OR they diet like crazy and then see that their goal isn’t realistic so they quit and eat and eat.  And they’re bigger for whatever event they wanted to be smaller for. 

Date goals drive me insane – especially since I’d have failed at every one.  If you want a date goal… calculate how long you’ve been overweight.  Subtract it from today.  That’s how long you should have to lose that weight.  It took me 14 years to gain the weight.  It took me two years to lose it.  Two years to lose 35 pounds.  For most people they’d consider that really slow.  (Ok…so did I.)  But in the scheme of things – it was 12 years faster to lose than to gain – so a win.  What’s your rush? 

No good habits come from those losing too quickly.  Why is the goal a number?  Why isn’t it “be smarter and healthier in my day-to-day behavior.”  Because we’re all in a freaking rush.  And it makes you quit.  Rushes make you quit.  Because we set the most unrealistic goals.   It’s good to have goals, though.  My little personal one is to die at 99 years in a size 4 dress.  Hey…it’s something to shoot for, right?  

I ran in to a friend the other day who I haven’t seen since before I started this time around.  She asked me how I lost the weight.  I said Weight Watchers.  She actually said, “that’s too slow for me.”  Then she suggested a few other “plans saying she lost a lot faster.”  She’s heavier now than when I saw her last.  So whatever other plans she’s tried may have made her lose, but what GOOD did it do?  Really? I actually asked her – what’s her rush. She didn’t understand.  

Most people don’t understand.  We say this is a lifestyle, but we may or may not understand.  I remember that I said it too, but until that lifestyle light went off in my head, I was just saying it. 

If you want to be in a rush, be in a rush to:

Hug your loved ones.
Do a random act of kindness.
Better yourself in some way – behaviorally.
 Breathe easier.

Don’t be in a rush to lose weight.  The faster we lose, the faster we gain.  The slower we lose, the smarter we become.    Stop and smell the bacon.


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