Entering the Bermuda Triangle

We just had almost two weeks of the annual State Fair here where the newest “treat” was deep fried red velvet Oreos.  Yeah.  You read that right.  Thousands of people gathered at the fair for the purpose of one thing:  Fair Food.  Oh think about those….sausage and pepper subs, deep fried everything, funnel cakes, cotton candy, ice cream, and so on.

Now this week is Halloween.  Many of us have the candy in our homes for weeks now.  Some even purchased the candy, brought it home, opened it up, eaten it and now have to go back and get more.  And I don’t know about you, but *THEIR* fun size doesn’t equate to *MY* fun size.  We all have our favorites…but do we buy our favorites? 

Next we have Thanksgiving.  Now here’s a holiday that’s completely revolved around a meal!  And we all have our favorites for that, too.  Some of my family MUST have my carrot soufflé (and trust me on this…only one healthy ingredient in that and it’s the carrots!)  And some must have the pumpkin pie.  Big decisions can involve the stuffing or the cranberry sauce.  And here in the south a common way to make that bird is deep frying. 

Then we have Christmas.  I won’t even go in to that because Christmas has already started in stores etc.  People are starting the baking.  The baking comes to the office.  The baking goes on your fingers.  We must TASTE what we make.  So many cookies…..so little will power. 

We have entered the Bermuda Triangle of Weight Loss.  Now depending on your goals you might want to take the next few months off of whatever plan you’re on.  And that’s okay.  I did that before many times.  I never made it through a football season on whatever plan I started prior to that.  It didn’t work out so well on the weight loss, but I so enjoyed the seasons.  

So whatever your goal – own it.  And know if whatever is in front of you – because it’s all going to be available and in front of you and even shouting your name – is part of your goal.  So if having 2 Fun size (yeah right!) Snickers bars will help you not feel deprived, then have them.  But if two leads to 20…you might want to re-think what you want more.  If two leads to 20 – you might actually have to have them UNavailable.  If planning out your evening of Trick or Treating ahead of time – including the treats you will have – helps you, plan it out.  Account for it.  Own it.  These are YOUR goals. 

Play games with yourself.  “I will earn that pecan pie with my hike around the neighborhood twice.”  “I will burn ___ number of calories in the few days prior to the holiday so I can have what I want to eat knowing it’s all part of the plan!” 

Pick a goal.  Own that goal.  Know that the chaos of treats in front of you will always be in front of you.  You are stronger than the chocolate, pumpkin pie, stuffing, funnel cake, and ice cream.  You get to choose however many of those you want and how you’ll have it. 

So it could be the Bermuda Triangle…or it could just be a really bumpy road trip that takes you to a breathtaking paradise.  But you’re the driver, and you can stop at rest stops and you can get off exits and then back on the highway.  Just don’t stop driving. 


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