A bit incensed…

We’re not born with food issues.   Somewhere along the line they come in to our lives.   We’re not born thinking that the cookies will make us feel better.  That happened.   And I’m not here telling how how or why it happened.  I’m not qualified.  

I may not have a weight issue – but I will have food issues for the rest of my life.  I’m not going to blame my parents or bullies or friends or society.  I don’t like to blame period. It doesn’t matter now anyway.

I have to accept.  I have to deal with them.  I can’t just go to the brownies every time something negative happens in my life.  I have to surround myself with an environment that is friendly towards my goals and not my cravings.  I have to make habits that I don’t even think about – just do because ….well, that’s what habits are – things that you just DO.

But food issues – those are sometimes bone-deep.  Sometimes they stem from such pain and we don’t even KNOW how to deal with them.  There are books and articles and journals and therapists devoted to JUST food issues.  So what we do about them is very individual.

But here’s what we don’t do:  We don’t tell children they’re fat.  We don’t make them “diet” and go to “fat camps.”  We don’t send them letters on Halloween telling them that candy shouldn’t be eaten.  We don’t bully.  Because bullying doesn’t help lift the child.  

Is there a childhood obesity problem in this country?  Yes.  Is that how you change it?  NO!  Let’s treat our next generation with some respect. Let’s share with them some education about fun activities and nutrition.  Let’s get in to the schools and have their buy in on healthy choices.  Let’s move with them instead of sitting on the couch telling them to play.  Let’s lead.  Let’s not bully.  They will be the leaders.  They will be the decision makers.  


2 thoughts on “A bit incensed…

  1. Wow I can completely relate to having food issues as something so ingrained in you that they can never really go away, just be replaced. And I love your stance on how to keep food issues from occurring in the population. Right on!

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