Giving stuff up

Quitting smoking.  Quitting drugs or alcohol.  Quitting soda.  No more pastries.  No more bacon.  (Wait – not that…) 

There are so many of us who don’t want to start a diet because they think they have to give up something or some things.  No one wants to give anything up.  “I’ll start Monday” for those facing a weekend because weekends are indulgent.  “I’ll start after vacation” for those who intend to go overboard on vacation.  “I’ll start after the holidays” for those… well, you get the picture.  We put off the starting because we know it’ll involve giving up on all that indulgence.  This is why the commercials for “take this pill and get the body you want” sell big time. 

We stop dieting for the same reasons, by the way.  We stop dieting because we want back what we thought we had to give up. 

Deprivation is fattening.  In fact nothing is more fattening. 

I’d love to tell you that you didn’t have to change a thing and get the body and fitness level you want just by wishing it.  You can’t.  So you have to change something.  That’s just fact.  And if you’re happy with the body you have and don’t want anything to change – yay!  Double yay!  But if you want a change, you know you’ll have to make a change.  But do you have to give up something?  I guess that depends on the plan you choose, but I’d question one thing:  do you want what you’re giving up?  How bad?  Because the “how bad” will increase 10-fold when you give it up. 

So what do you do?  Do you start the diet and give up stuff?  Or do you find a way to live life figuring out how to have what you want so you can stay on whatever plan you pick so you don’t have to quit.  I don’t have YOUR answers.  I know mine.  I can have anything.  I just can’t have everything. 



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