Be scared.

There were a lot of posts about Veteran’s Day today. I was pretty moved, as I usually am hearing about different soldiers’ stories.  One quote in particular struck me at my core:

Bravery doesn’t mean you aren’t scared.  It means you go anyway.

Yeah.  Pretty powerful when we think of our armed forces.  But that line applies to anything – especially changing your body and life for the better. 

How scary is it to join a gym?  Take your first Zumba class.  Go to your first Crossfit WOD?  Be scared.

How scary is it to sign up and run your first race?  Then a 10K?  Then a half marathon?  How about a full?  Be scared.

How scary is it to walk in to a weight loss center?  Talk to your doctor about weight loss?  Decide to commit?  Be scared.

How scary is it to know that in order to truly change you can’t do something temporary?  That you need to make life-long changes?  Be scared.

It’s scary because it means something.  It’s important.  Truly it’s only the first whatever that’s scary.  After that it gets easier.  And then you do it again…and again…and again.   The second run is easier.  The second workout class is more comfortable.  The second meeting is easier.  Then the third…well, you get the picture!  Keep finding something to work on…then go ahead. 

Be scared.  


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