Holidays and food

My holidays are about my family.  My holidays are about my family.  My holidays are about my family. 

Truly….they ARE about my family AND the food.  Who am I kidding?  Each holiday has special dishes that translate in to love.  My kids ask for specific dishes, my extended family asks for specific dishes and my friends who I consider family ask for specific dishes.  That is a fabulous feeling!  And it makes me feel my mom under my skin as well as in my kitchen.  She gave me that.

Is it okay to say it’s about the food?  Is that wrong?  Who am I to say?  In any weight loss plan we try to redefine behaviors – which is good.  Focus on the activities.  Focus on your family.  Focus on the fact that it’s not a holi-month but a holi-DAY!  But is it wrong to completely undo the importance of the food at the holidays?  I don’t think so and I’m not judge and jury here.  I know personally, the food is important.  And I’m okay with that.  I’m more than okay with that.  It’s one of the ways I was taught to show love. 

This year two of my holidays fall on one day.  This is exciting!   Never in history has the first light of Hanukkah fallen on Thanksgiving night – and it won’t happen again in close to 80,000 years.  The powers that be are calling this Thanksivikkah.  Cute, huh?  But the point is now I’m putting a meal together that has traditions from BOTH holidays in to one…so how can that mean the holiday’s not about the food?  Well guess what?  It isn’t.  It’s about tradition.  It’s about love.  It’s about making my mom’s brisket – yes the making of it and the eating of it!   It’s about combining the true thanks I have that I have family who love my food and love certain dishes and love talking about it and laughing about it and thoroughly enjoying it.

Food has translated in to comfort and love and tradition for many, many years.  I like that. 

It doesn’t mean I have to overeat.  It doesn’t mean I can’t find activities in my day.  It doesn’t mean that it’s a day of gluttony.  But it doesn’t negate the importance that food has.

My holidays are about love and thanks and joy and my family.   And what a joy it is to cook and bake for them.  Because truly…it IS about my family.




One thought on “Holidays and food

  1. Love this post, Marci! And, like you, I’m geeked about Thanksgivikkah! My whole family is coming out here to Michigan and while it will be very much about family, the food/traditions are also important to embrace.

    I like this: “Food has translated in to comfort and love and tradition for many, many years.” Amen. We can enjoy, without overdoing it. It can be done. And brisket … mmm 🙂

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