I’m so grateful!


This is a season of thanks.  And gratitude.  So I want to express mine.

I’m thankful for….

Family – those I’m born to, those I married to, those I choose.

Friends – the ones from my past, the ones from my present, the ones I’ve yet to meet.  Even the ones I’m no longer in contact – they have all taught me and given so much to what makes me…me.

Food – the ability to be in a food rich environment, the ability to buy good food, to taste it, to cook it, to bake it, to share it, to eat it, to stop eating it, to relish in it, to gawk at it and sigh at it, and truly feel life with the goodness of it, to give it to those who need it. 

Books – to read them, to buy them, to borrow them, to share the good, recommend the bad, to stack on my night table, to ear mark, to swallow, to enjoy, to love.

Attitude – my own, others’, everyone’s, because they’re real and represent the battles and the joys we face.

Choices – the good ones, the bad ones, the ones others make, the ones with which I agree and those I don’t, the tasty ones, the hard ones, the easy ones, the ones I’ve influenced.

Perspective – truly this makes me feel extra blessed some days! 

You – really for all of the above reasons.  


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