Let’s make another list

Ok, so we might have indulged.  We might have been overly thankful.  We might have made too much food and it wasn’t all eaten.  We might have had too much wine.  It’s possible that the company didn’t leave with the food.  And you might keep going to the fridge and nibbling.  And you might even have waited for everyone to leave so you can eat in private.  It’s all okay. Really.  You’re not bad.  You weren’t bad.  Eating and overeating doesn’t (thank goodness!) make us bad.  (I may or may not have been talking to myself!) 

Now it’s time to take note.  Thanksgiving was this past week.  What GOOD things did you do for yourself that make you thankful?  (Hint:  don’t say nothing.) What do you appreciate about this past week’s behaviors?  Remember why you do what you do! 

I think in addition to the “Why do we want to do this?” list, we need the “What did I do right?” list.  And we need to evaluate both those lists often.  They’re equally important to our success.   We beat ourselves up all the time over all the wrong things we do and we burn NO calories for it!   Most people learn from positive reinforcement.  And we give it to those we love, but rarely ourselves, and even more rarely at the end of a holiday eating-fest! 

So think about the last week and, as if your life (or plan) depended on it, think of all the things you did right.  So a fun little exercise (ok, maybe not skydiving fun or Mardi Gras fun)…..as fast as you can write them down, document at least 10 things you did RIGHT for YOU.  This is your pride list. Always have a pride list.  I’m going to put “I stayed happy and proud” to my pride list.  What’s on yours? 

Be happy.  Be proud.  You’re worth it!!



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