I’m not cured

When I first joined Weight Watchers (my very first time around in 1987) I lost weight to fit in to my wedding dress.  I was 25 years old. I followed whatever plan it was at the time.  I got to my goal weight. They gave me this big honkin’ pin with a WW and I went on my way.

Right out the door.  I was free. I didn’t have to do this anymore!!  Yay me!  

Now I’m SURE my leader told me I should continue, but at 25 years old, I’m just as sure it went in one ear and out the other.  And it didn’t matter – because I was cured. 

I’m fairly positive my weight stayed off for as long as it took me to get married, go on my honeymoon and come back and return to the real world – in other words, not very long.

There is no such thing as cured.   Repeat that…. There is NO SUCH THING AS CURED.  I had to ponder that statement for a while. (I mean after it hit me over the head like a 2×4.)  I have to tell you that I have a problem with how incredibly TRUE this statement is.  And, it’s simultaneously depressing and freeing.  Once accepted, eating is easier.

When I say eating is “easier”, I don’t mean to say eating is ever hard.  I love eating and find it quiet easy to do!  But when you realize which foods fuel you and which foods slow you down and which foods put weight on and which foods you need more of, etc…. it becomes easier.

I went on many diets in my life and I’m not here to tell you the best one for you.  What I can tell you is that all diet means is “what you eat.”  We, in our society, give meaning to the word diet as “what we need to do to lose weight.” And until I got it through my head that my diet is what I do eat and not what I don’t eat, I wasn’t getting it.  I was forever doing something temporary thinking it was the end.

There is no end.  I am not cured.

But, I have ALL the tools at my fingertips to maintain my weight loss.  Does that mean I always utilize them?   No.  I’m human.   It means I have them just as I have reading glasses in my purse and on my desk and on my nightstand.

More and more as I get older I find myself needing to reach for my reading glasses because I just can’t read the smaller print anymore. It’s the same way with weight loss.  Reach for your glasses – those tools you have in place to eat well, be active, lose and maintain weight loss.  Always have those “glasses” with you because you never know when the menu will be in small print.



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