Taking tests

I hate tests.  In school I used to freeze on them.  I’m a very confident woman and am passionate about certain subjects, but when I know I’m going to be evaluated – I freeze. 

I think this is why I had a hard time approaching my goal weight and also why I am struggling now.   Tests everywhere.  The expectation that you’ll do great because you once got an A equates to the expectation you’ll stay at your goal weight because you stayed for a few years. 

So don’t have a final exam.  This is my solution.   It’s not a test.  Your weight loss journey is not an exam.  You can’t just finish the book and be done.  It’s like the Internet.  You haven’t seen it all yet and there are so many paths you can go.

Think about that for a minute.  You use a search engine to find something.  You get a listing of “hits.”  Then you click on one – then another.   And then another reminds you of a way to be more specific.  So you do another search.  At this point you might have received THOUSANDS of “hits.”  Just because you choose one or the other, doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of options.  There are.  And the most popular will show up first, but that doesn’t mean #53,093 doesn’t has the EXACT information YOU need.

This is the diet metaphor because each person follows a different version of a plan.  We’re unique (just like everybody else.)  So even though I follow Weight Watchers I certainly don’t eat the same foods and amounts as other Weight Watchers.  And when I started it 7½ years ago I followed it differently than now.  I follow it differently than I did last week!!!   Even if you’re on a Paleo or Whole 30 or Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem – whatever – you choose a path and you will change that path based on your success or lack thereof. 

But there are no tests.  The scale isn’t a test.  The scale doesn’t measure your passing or failing or even getting a C.  If you lose .2 it doesn’t mean you got a D minus.  If you gain .8 doesn’t mean you failed.  The scale doesn’t measure ANYTHING except what you weigh at that second.  It cannot spit out how your body is reacting to foods, drinks or medications. 

Now just because there is no final exam in this course, it doesn’t mean there aren’t quizzes.  We need to keep at it – keep going to class (so to speak.)  Give yourself pop-quizzes.   (I say pop because if you’re like me and plan on it, you’ll have an anxiety attack.)  One question might include:  

  1. What did I learn this week?
    1. If I eat 4 helpings at a Chinese buffet, my rings are tight. 
    2. If the chocolate is in my house, I will eat it.
    3. My family won’t eat bulgur. 
    4. All of the above.
  2. If I tell everyone I want to lose weight…
    1. They will get tired of hearing it
    2. They’ll say “yeah, me too.”
    3. They won’t care.
    4. All of the above

At a minimum, you should ask what you’re learning. If you are learning then you’re succeeding.  If you work hard at something, your amazingness quotient will increase.  You’re already amazing.  You’ll just be amazing to the 10th power. **


**Please don’t ask about 10th power because that involves math and I don’t do math tests.  Anymore.



2 thoughts on “Taking tests

  1. Oh yes! All the angst on the message boards about failing and being bad starts to become tiring after a while. These folks haven’t failed nor are they bad. They made some poor choices in what they ate and that’s all they did. It’s not as if we haven’t done that before and will do it again. And that’s all it is, a poor choice for now.

    Sorry for the vent.

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