I’m not in the mood

“Not now, Mom, I’m not in the mood.”

Well, la-di-da.   Did you ever hear that from someone – that they’re not in the mood for something?  Ever tell someone else that you’re not in the mood for something?  Ever NOT do something because you weren’t in the mood?

Duh.  We all do.

Some days I’m not in the mood for work.  What do I do?  Do I call in “Hi Boss – not in the mood, today”?  Is there a leave category for that?  Vacation/Holiday/Sick/Not in the mood

Some days I’m not in the mood to parent.  It’s not SUCH a big deal now that my kids are older– although not independent – so it’s easier to not cook for them or pack their school lunches or take them to school or take them to the doctor or even change their diaper.

Some days I’m not in the mood to take my dog outside in the cold.  “Sorry Guinness, you have to hold it til it warms up.”

Some days I am not in the mood to eat healthy foods.
Or plan healthy foods.
Or cook healthy foods.
Some days I’m just not in the mood for working out.

But as responsible adults we have to pick and choose to do things even though we’re not in the mood.  Yeah, that word “responsible” is there.

I know many kids of all ages that will never get that – that responsibility.   They just won’t.  And I can’t say without lying that I was always the responsible one.  But I do know now that there are consequences for all my actions.  Sometimes I have good consequences – and sometimes poor consequences – but ALWAYS something.

If I called in to work each time I wasn’t in the mood, I’d be fired.   If I didn’t feed my kids at their most dependent age, they’d starve – and I might be carted away by Social Services.   If I didn’t take my dog out, I’d be cleaning up the mess.

I need to do things when I’m not in the mood.  That’s reality.  Very often we do things because we have to because of others that depend on us.  But how about you?  Don’t you depend on you?

You have already proven to yourself that you don’t have to be “in the mood” to accomplish certain tasks.  So do things for you.  Nurture YOU.  Take care of YOU.  Fuel yourself good foods so that YOU can have a healthy body.  Be active so YOU can have energy and might lower your cholesterol.  Do you know what happens when you do all those things?

If I only followed my plan on days when I’m in the mood, I’d be ten times my size.  But the more days I do – the more I’m in the mood to do more.  I’m healthier and happier and livelier.

So get in the mood – or do it anyway.


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