The pity party

This is all about the “I don’t feel good pity party.”   I feed all ailments.  This is only one element of my food issues.  But some feed a cold and starve a fever.  I feed everything.  Even if I have a stomachache, I think if I eat the right thing, it’ll feel better.  No…strike that….not […]

We can do anything we want

I’m 51 years old and have been on approximately 1,209,390 diets.  (I may or may not be exaggerating.) Even when I didn’t need to diet, I did.  Started on Monday, finish on (perhaps) Monday night…  Start again the following week.  Read a new magazine with another 2 week plan – and again quit.  I’m not […]

Baby Steps

It’s amazing how fast people go from “Holiday Happy” to “New Year – New YOU motivation”.   All through December I watch people (including myself!) bake, eat, relax, and enjoy their holiday season all the while telling me they’re going to really hustle in January.  And we do.  We get this “new year – new slate” […]

What will 2014 bring and what will we take?

Happy New Year!  2014 – wow!  What will 2014 bring and what will we take? First – the BRING.  I firmly believe that our mental (and sometimes physical) well being is directly related to how we deal with things that happen in which we have no control.  Our responses to those things don’t necessarily define […]