Why do I want this?
A question I ask
It’s not very easy
A very hard task.
To continue to lose
And then maintain every day
A world revolved around
What do I weigh?
But it’s not that really
It’s about so much more
It’s not about scales
Or up just point 4.
Motivation’s peculiar –
To document our wants
To lose and look great
When the food just taunts!
Some people are running
From bad genes and big dresses
But the food keeps talking
Through all of our stresses.
Everyone’s different
If I am thinking ahead
I do better at this
It’s all in my head
I write a list
Of what I want better
Staying energetic
Being a WW leader.
Shopping for sizes
I like is quite fun
Cholesterol is low
And now I can run.
If I go where I want
Instead of running from there
I can do anything
And go anywhere. 


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