Too much is too much

Someone passed along a quote to me the other day that I found very amusing – but it hit home.  “Oh, sure, I ate a healthy diet before WW. I just ate a healthy diet for 6 people!”

Before I started losing weight I went on every diet in the book and over years of education, practice, trial and error I learned the right foods to eat and also that activity played an important role.  So sometimes the Marci plan was to eat really healthy foods.  (Sometimes not!)

But I ate a lot of them.  I looked at a healthy food list as an all-you-can-eat buffet because, in my mind, if I wasn’t indulging in sugary snacks then I should lose.  Too much is too much.  Too much chocolate or too much cantaloupe or too much quinoa or too many eggs is all still too much.  Period.  You can eat too much.  You can exercise too much.  Too much is just too much.  I could be an Olympic eater.  If there were competitions, I’d be there.  Well, in the running anyway.

We’re all experts on what to do.  If someone from a third world country asked you about a healthy way to eat, you’d know.  You’d tell them.  We just don’t always implement what we know.

I haven’t implemented in the last couple of months.  I know I need to move more – I’m not.  I know the good health guidelines I’m supposed to follow – I’m not.  We go through funks.  I’m not looking for motivation (as I truly think it’s optional).  I’m making choices and those choices have consequences.   I’m wearing those consequences in my mood, in my attitude and in my jeans.

The problem with losing weight and staying at a goal weight for a long time is we get complacent.  We know, deep down, that we’re not bullet proof.  But all the activity in the last few years has (thankfully) changed my metabolism, so it has taken a longer period of some bad habits creeping in to take effect – but it has.  So at first I went back on the Marci plan of eating the healthy foods – but too much of them because I wasn’t paying attention to my body’s satisfaction levels – I was eating like I was when I was exercising over an hour every day.   Well, THAT doesn’t work when you’re sitting on the couch.

Well, it’s time to do what actually works.  (There’s a really good reason I don’t get paid millions of dollars for the Marci Plan.)  So here I am talking about it, accountability is important.  Here I am getting off the couch.  Here I am walking the stairs each hour.  Here I am eating more vegetables and fruit and less sugar.  Here I am following a plan I know works for me.

Years ago I went to my first winery and had a tasting.  I knew almost nothing about wine.  And here I was in Sonoma at this gorgeous winery around very very rich people who *knew* wine.  The woman pouring asks the question, “What makes wine a “good wine?”  I wouldn’t dare answer as I knew nothing.  All these people were giving answers about tanins and oaks and age and processes.   She kept saying “no.”  She said it’s really simple.  “Good wine is wine you like and drink.  Bad wine is wine you don’t like and won’t drink.”  That’s how diets go.  Good ones are ones that you like AND that you’ll stick to.  Bad ones are ones that you don’t like AND can’t stick to.  That’s the key.  Finding something that works for you.  FOR YOU.  One plan does NOT fit all.  And I’m not the judge on which is better or worse.

I do know I can’t eat too much and lose weight.  I do know I can’t sustain 1-2 hours a day in activity.  I do know I won’t give up bacon, chocolate or wine.  I do know I can have those – but not too much.

Because too much, even of a good thing, is still too much.  I don’t need a lot.  I need enough.


2 thoughts on “Too much is too much

  1. I remember when I didn’t lose for a long period of time it wasn’t a plateau but I was eating more than my body required. Marci another great article!

  2. Thank you or another great blog and this one really hit home for me because I have let my guard down and thought I was bullet proof since I have reached goal and after a month of this kind of thinking I need to get back on track. This blog made me realize what I have to do now.

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