Discrimination – Lose it.

Discrimination.  It’s 2014 and discrimination is prevalent – everywhere.  We all judge – I get that.  I get mad at myself when I prejudge or profile someone – and am always so pleasantly surprised when I’m proven wrong – and that’s often.  But out and out discrimination – don’t tolerate it.  From anyone – to […]

Celebrate my anniversary!

Is it really an anniversary? Eight  years ago I RE-joined Weight Watchers.  I say that because I joined first in 1987 before I got married and that’s when I hit lifetime.  This is what happens when you’re 25 years old and about to get married.  So I got to lifetime, felt I was “cured” and […]

Frame of Reference

I sent my son to Trader Joe’s for an item.  He bought exactly that item.  That’s it.  One item at Trader Joe’s.  Really?  I could NEVER go to Trader Joe’s and not even look around, get tempted with their goodies at every end-cap.  What a light bulb moment to know that some people truly will […]