Celebrate my anniversary!

Is it really an anniversary?

Eight  years ago I RE-joined Weight Watchers.  I say that because I joined first in 1987 before I got married and that’s when I hit lifetime.  This is what happens when you’re 25 years old and about to get married.  So I got to lifetime, felt I was “cured” and went about my regular old habits.  Uhm…. well THAT was successful – NOT!

So on and off with Weight Watchers as well as other diets.  I never returned to that goal weight and it was because I thought those two words were supposed to go together.  Goal. Weight.   Again the big NOT slapped me upside the head.  Goal doesn’t mean a number.  Ok, so at Weight Watchers we have to assign a number so you’re free or maintenance or lifetime or whatever.  But in my personal opinion we need to rename it to something else.  Life weight?  Who knows – marketing isn’t my job.  They do fine in that department.  

Eight  years ago I REJOINED.  It’s my anniversary this week.  Happy Anniversary to me?  Sure.  I didn’t join this time because I want to look great in my swimsuit for the summer or because a 30 year high school reunion or to be a size 4.  Those reasons were never enough – obviously.  Eight years ago, I joined Weight Watchers with the right “goal” in my head.  The goal of change.  The goal of improvement.  The goal of health.  The goal of LIFE.  I choose life.  

I choose a life where I don’t have to be out of breath going up 2 flights of stairs; I choose a life where I don’t have to pick clothing based on the fact it hides my tush or thighs; I choose a life where the only reason I CAN’T do a 10k or a half marathon is my scheduling conflicts or the money it costs; I choose a life where the rainbow of foods is a daily part of my day and therefore my body thanks me.  

When you get on the scale and weigh in at meetings or in your bathroom or at the gym, that doesn’t tell you anything except what you weigh at that moment.  It doesn’t reflect all you ate, drank and walked.  It’s a blip on the screen.  And many times I think we shouldn’t even get on that box of bolts.  But sometimes it’s an important blip on the screen because you see a set of numbers.   All the last weeks and last months and last years…. See your trend.  And then see your future numbers.  What’s necessary to continue or change your trend.    We started someplace.  We’re GOING someplace.  That’s choosing a life.  That’s why a lot of us are here.  That’s what we mean when we say “journey.”  

This week I’m headed to Disney World.  It’s a place where everything is happy – magical – and they celebrate everything.    So I’m celebrating this week.  I’m celebrating that eight years ago week, I rejoined with the right goal in mind – a life.   So please celebrate with me because it was the best decision I’ve EVER made!



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