Enjoy each stage….at least LIVE it!

You know when you start a new plan (exercise, food, job, business) you’re 150%.  So pumped – so energized.  Everything is perfect.  You buy the right foods.  You make new recipes.  You follow everything to the letter.  Why can’t we maintain that level of energy?  Focus? Motivation?  We get overwhelmed.  We look too far ahead.  […]

Patience… ’nuff said

Ever hear the expression, “I’m one injury away from gaining my weight back”?   Throughout my weight loss this didn’t apply to me – I was rarely that active.  But towards goal I became more and more active and when I hit goal I wanted to explore lots of different activities.    I see people who don’t […]

Be happy!

There are always going to be the people who find the bad in things.  They’ll complain about their job, their friends, their kids, their spouses – even themselves.  “Whine” is their first language.  If I were the type that pitied, I’d pity them.  But I’m not – so I don’t.  And the reason I don’t […]