You are enough

Who are we in the mirror and who are we to the public?  Are we different people?  Some people who I think own the room when they walk in it feel inside like the room is closing in on them.  Some women who, by even the most classic standards are gorgeous, see themselves as plain. […]

Being bullied

When I was in school I was never picked for sports teams.  Actually, I was *never* picked for sports teams.  I was little.  I couldn’t run.  My knees stayed together.  I couldn’t even ride a bike until I was 9.  And face it, kids were cruel.  They still are.  The teasing – now called bullying […]

Where is being healthy on your list?

I love to cook and bake and create delicious food!   I rarely have met a recipe I haven’t “doctored”.  I love to put a Marci touch on my food.   I follow many food sites and blogs and thrive when I entertain (now that I have my updated kitchen, that is!)   I love the creative process […]