Where is being healthy on your list?

I love to cook and bake and create delicious food!   I rarely have met a recipe I haven’t “doctored”.  I love to put a Marci touch on my food.   I follow many food sites and blogs and thrive when I entertain (now that I have my updated kitchen, that is!)   I love the creative process and love when others enjoy it.  I truly love cooking and baking for people.  It makes me happy.

That said, following food blogs may be a form of self-sabotage with weight loss.  I need to be careful.  Before I started losing weight, nothing was off limits.  And even when I was just interested in losing weight, nothing was off limits.  One decadent dish was all it took to send my plan in a downward spiral.  Obviously it doesn’t start that way, but for some reason I was always derailed.

I’m surrounded by amazing bakers, cooks, ingredients, restaurants, drinks.  I LOVE food!  I LOVE so many things about it.  (Another blog altogether!) But there’s a disconnect in my brain about volume and portions and entitlement.  So if I bake a tray of brownies, I might eat a tray of brownies.  My friends bake Christmas cookies and send them out.  And I appreciate them – truly I do! – but I don’t have the kind of discipline it takes to do something like that anymore in my own kitchen without overeating my samples.  Do you? 

Every restaurant meal can’t be a celebration meal.  I eat out too often for that to be feasible for my eating plan.  So sometimes it’s celebratory and sometimes it’s a meal replacement.  I decide first – before I walk in the door!  If it’s celebratory, I still cannot use it as an all you can eat buffet.   Although I’m a very strong woman, food is one of my weaknesses.   I know this.  I have to control my space so that I can indulge in my weakness within reason.  And I’m so influenced.  I think we all are.  Facebook, Twitter, blogs, foodie restaurants, friends’ cooking and baking add to the many influences in my life and I wouldn’t trade any of it.  Determination and motivation have to be renewed very often and it’s really hard to do that when cinnamon rolls are baking in your house.  Well, it is for me anyway.   So how can I help myself? 

Well, for one, I can surround myself with positivity and motivation.  The blogs I choose to follow now include fitness, motivation, success stories, healthy living, healthy food recipes, and so forth.   Those are posts that come on my feed – those filled with reminders to myself that this minute, this hour, this day I can do this.   I can’t control when coworkers bring in their latest baking sample.  But I can put the motivators in front of me so that I can have them within reason.   And I believe in indulging. Indulging is important and a way to stay the course for long-term success.  I do indulge.  I don’t have to eat all the cookies or bacon or chocolate or lasagna. 

I hear often that we had too much going on to really be on plan.  Where is being healthy on our list?  I guess the bottom line is wherever I put healthy on my to-do list is where it’ll show up.  If it’s last, it won’t get done.  If it’s first, I’ll make it happen.   I’m still very much a work in progress.   “Healthy” is moving up!




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