Behavior vs. Intent

Behavior vs. Intent – it’s about credibility.

Today’s light bulb moment – how I measure MYSELF isn’t how others measure me.  I’ve had hundreds of conversations in my life with girlfriends, my husband, my family members, even myself about me losing weight.  I talked about how I am going on <insert latest diet here> diet and I’m going to lose weight, how I want to lose weight the fact that I’m going to lose weight, that I’m going to work out, that I’m going to start running, and so forth.   But I didn’t.  Well, I might have started, but didn’t follow through.

Talk is cheap.  I believed the words (I suppose) at the time and maybe at the time the people I was talking with believed them, too.  But I wasn’t successful so what gave me credibility?  Basically nothing.

If you have a conversation with someone and they tell you that they’ll call you for dinner, what do you think when they don’t call?  What do you think when they do?  They might think they’re being polite saying that they’ll call (they’re measuring themselves) but you’re measuring them on the result – the behavior.   

“It’s the thought that counts.”

Well, excuse me, but that’s bologna!  (Hey….I like bologna!)

But I’m here to tell you something you already know.  If you are dealing with food issues, and many of us are, it can’t be about intent.  It *has* to be about behavior – and following that behavior is results.

If I choose to eat all vegetables all day for days on end I’ll probably lose weight.  And then I’ll dive in to the pound of bacon.  I’ll end up gaining.  Behavior leads to results.  That behavior is deprivation.  Deprivation, in my opinion, is very fattening. 


It doesn’t matter what I tell others I’ll do.  I have to keep my word to myself.  And this is my journey.  It’s one of the reasons I chose the plan I chose – because I can live it.  It works FOR ME.  I love it because it allows – no… it ENCOURAGES me to keep my word to myself because I don’t have to be perfect.   By keeping my word to myself, I give MYSELF credibility.  And by doing that, I become an example to others. 

I always taught my kids about consequences.  You do something and there will be consequences.  You do something good – good consequences.  You do something bad, you might not like the consequences.  This is the same principle.  Behavior leads to results.  Overeat the bacon, ice cream, chocolate cake or almonds – you probably won’t like the results.  Live in accordance to the word you made to yourself, you’ll like the consequences.   Positive behavior leads to success.  Success breeds motivation.  Motivation encourages more positive behavior.  Rinse. Repeat.

Results equal credibility.  If I have an employee, I don’t want to measure them on what they’re responsible for – I want to measure them on the results.  This is one reason that Weight Watcher leaders have to weigh in once a month.  We need credibility.   Where’s your credibility? What did you tell yourself you’d do?  Do it.  Measure yourself on your behavior and not your intent because believe me, that’s the only thing that counts. 


2 thoughts on “Behavior vs. Intent

  1. Marci – I love this & if you don’t mind will add it to my sig. ” Positive behavior leads to success. Success breeds motivation. Motivation encourages more positive behavior. Rinse. Repeat.”
    Thank you once again for another awesome blog!

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