Four Women

Once upon a time….no…that’s not right. That’s the beginning of fairy tales. 
This is more real.  At different times, at different points in their lives, for different reasons, four different women joined Weight Watchers.  They each have different strengths and weaknesses-a very important distinction. All very different…and yet… each of these women took what they could from Weight Watchers and met their weight loss goals.  They all realized that these achieved goals were just the beginning of the magic.
There is no perfect company.  No perfect person. 
But….Becoming Leaders has allowed all of these women to help others with their weight loss journeys.  Perfect.  They encourage, they facilitate, they motivate, they educate. Perfect.  They welcome members into their rooms and their hearts. Perfect.  Some members become friends and some become colleagues. Some….no, MOST, inspire and educate them with their stories and journeys.  Perfect.
These women….these very special women….from different phases in their lives and different parts of the country had different roles in their careers with Weight Watchers.  And somehow came together. They all are driven and bright and have so much to offer.   Some might think it was that or social media and a pizza that brought them together, but it was higher than that….
Four women perfectly flawed with their own confidences and insecurities. These aren’t the women who bully or talk down. These women ask questions and then listen to more than the spoken answer.  They push and encourage and assist.  They hug and love and accept. They agree to disagree. They discuss. They are passionate.  These are women who lift up. They offer help to each other without reservation or judgment. And by lifting up they get stronger in themselves.  
This year Weight Watchers is focused on four.  Well…Four women, four decades of life represented, four sets of goals and successes and struggles, four interwoven lives.  Four hearts joined.  
We focused on four. 

2 thoughts on “Four Women

  1. Marci-this piece took my breath away, and for the first time, has put the bug in my brain about the possibility of maybe someday, wanting to be a leader. maybe. but that’s because of this beautiful beautiful piece…..Honestly, I think it should be published in WW magazine. it really did take my breath away….

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