Appreciating Genius

How scary is genius?

This week we lost Robin Williams. Brilliant mind – brilliant actor – brilliant comedian and, from what people are saying, brilliant father and friend. Genius.

Sometimes I’m really thankful that my mind is remarkably average. I know I’m smarter than some but I’ve witnessed true genius. I’ve been up close and personal with genius – especially the artist’s genius. And that art could be music, painting, food, comedy – anything. I’m in awe over the creativity of some minds.

My late sister-in-law had that artist’s genius. She saw things differently. She never saw the blank wall – she never saw a blank canvas. I doubt any artist does. They hear the song in their head before they write it. They see the painting before they paint it. They know the story before they write the book. They taste the foods before they make it. I think they see the world with a different eye – an artist’s eye. One that the average just doesn’t understand. And for many – that eye – that genius – causes emotional instability. But we don’t always see it.

What we see, or hear or witness – is the gift. Selfishly we relish in the gifts of genius and then panic when that genius is gone. Can we do anything differently? I don’t know the answers to that. This week the world discussed mental health. What will we talk about next week?

Last night my husband surprised me with my birthday present of seeing One Republic in concert. I’ve been a fan of Ryan Tedder for a long time and my husband knew this would be such a great gift! I felt the genius in the concert. I saw the first close-up of him at the keyboard and I felt it. You saw the music in him. The genius filled the amphitheater. And although I felt overwhelming joy from the artistry last night – there was this slight worry for these geniuses. (I’m sure Ryan Tedder would think me silly for worrying about him instead of just being in awe!!)

In this blog I mostly focus on wellness and sometimes there might be more personal posts. You might think this fits under the personal but I think it fits in the wellness category because in order to really take care of ourselves – mental wellness is key. We must relish in our own – we must appreciate and relish in others’ as well.

We might be in awe of people that aren’t geniuses. Or…perhaps maybe we’re all geniuses. But I can guarantee is that we all have our own battles and just because we’re in awe over someone doesn’t mean they don’t need a hand – a reach out of love – genuine love and concern. Sometimes those who seem to have it all together are fighting their own battles. We must give that genuine love and concern to ourselves as we would our very own best friend and then touch someone else.

It’s my birthday today. What I’d love as a gift is for you to give some loving to yourself and someone else – maybe even someone who you think has it all together. They may need it the most.

I appreciate all of you geniuses!


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