Dieting is hard. You’re worth hard.

Diets are everywhere. Eat less, move more and it’ll come off. So simple, right? But then what?
And what about now? Now when everywhere you look someone’s bringing in pastry or cookies or inviting you to potlucks and special lunches and parties? (Actually, I’m not that social, but you get my drift.) Those of us eating too much can just cut down. Easy? Newp!

I would like to be one of the few members of Weight Watchers whose only problem was that she choosing the wrong food and overeating that food. I think in the scheme of our members – and really ANYONE who needs to lose weight – those are the minority. But they are not exempt from struggles. Just because you might have an emotional food issue doesn’t mean the someone who doesn’t have one doesn’t have her own issues. Don’t be quick to switch with someone else’s pain – we haven’t walked in their steps.

But back to me… (HA!!) I have a food problem. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone here. I still struggle with food and always will. The difference is now I have tools. No, that’s not right – I’ve always had the tools. Now I’m using the tools – there, that’s it. Now I’m using the tools that I have to help myself. Why wouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t anyone use what they have to help them?

Well, for one, you might not think you’re worth of it – You are. I know this for sure.
For another, you might think you can handle being at a goal weight – expectations (from others as well as ourselves) are difficult to handle.
For another, you’re afraid. Yeah, afraid. Of yet another diet, of yet another binge, of yet another support group, of yet another failure.

We all have our issues. And we eat because we 1) like to eat and 2) we like food and 3) because food is always there – it’s so reliable. It’s there when we’re happy, sad, bored, miserable, hungry (oh yeah, hungry!) and not hungry.

And here’s the thing…. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Weight Watcher member, if you are on the Mediterranean Diet, Paleo, Jenny Craig or the Marci Plan (which, for the record, is a horrible plan and causes weight GAIN after gluttonous amounts of delicious foods). What matters is that it’s hard to lose weight and keep it off. Truth be told, none of us want to lose it and gain it back so we really have to think long term here. How do we deal with the hard?

We need to eat. We need to nourish our bodies and there are as many studies on how to do that as there are people trying to lose weight. But we’re not just nourishing our bodies with food – we’re trying to nourish our head or our hearts or just fill the time by filling our bodies.

I’m bias in my choice of plan. I do believe that Weight Watchers gave me all the tools I need to lose weight and I also believe that without one of those tools (the support function – meetings, in particular) I would not continue to be successful. I’m super proud of where Weight Watchers is going with this, too. The “hard part” isn’t knowing what to eat. We all know what to eat – well most of us. The “hard part” is all the rest.

I am worth it. You are worth it! Let’s do this together!
Bottom line is this. You can do anything you want to do if you do just two things:

Don’t quit.


5 thoughts on “Dieting is hard. You’re worth hard.

  1. marci, once AGAIN…i want to thank you for putting your thoughts out there. It’s amazingly comforting and inspiring to read such beautifully articulated insights…

  2. This blog you wrote I think came at the perfect time for me Marci. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You are such an inspiration for me and all others.

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