Nothing too deep here – just donuts

This whole week my members and I have been talking to our food – interviewing it so to speak – to see if it’s worthy of us. Because really, just because something is convenient and available and not originally on your plan, doesn’t mean it’s worthy. Sometimes it is. And I could talk from here til next year about how so and so’s homemade shortbread is worthy, but packaged cookies aren’t.

I finished my last meeting last night and felt really good about it. Then I walk in to my day job and the main office table is COVERED with Dunkin Donuts. It’s not even that APPEALING (unlike the above mentioned shortbread) but there it is. Convenient. In front of me. Easy. And for some reason – tempting. I’ve been having a conversation with myself for 20 minutes about the donuts.

So far I’m winning. Winning, for the record, is NOT having the donuts. Not giving in to something I can get every day if I wanted to. Not giving in to something that isn’t homemade and special.

But why is something that doesn’t even appeal to me tempt me?

I’m not eating the donuts.

This is why I’m a Weight Watcher member first and Leader second.


5 thoughts on “Nothing too deep here – just donuts

  1. I was going through that too this morning! Mine were See’s Candies though. I had 6 pieces. Not my best moment, but I also know I can change how the rest of my day goes.
    Yes, the donuts are convenient and there. That’s it though. I’ve never had a donut that was worth the calories. That’s my opinion though. You can do this. I’m glad I read your blog this morning. I needed it. Thank you. I’ve thought the same thing to myself many times, but sometimes we need reminders.

  2. Last night, after coming home from leading a great meeting, the Fritos and French onion dip were calling me. I talked to myself about it all night and didn’t eat it. I kept asking myself if those Fritos and dip were worth trading a margarita on date night Saturday. Nope. I made that apple yogurt recipe you posted instead. 3 PP and full of protein and dairy and fruit and much yummier.

    I second that member first and leader second.

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