“Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” Inigo Montoya

Nothing like the “On this Day” feature in Facebook to give you some memories – some happy, some funny, some that make you sad, some that make you think. Well, apparently 2 years ago today I started to blog.

Why do I blog? I had a wonderful conversation with an incredible woman who is in a completely different field than I am. I was pursuing possibly working for her company (something I’m SO grateful I didn’t pursue very well as it would have not been a good fit!) But she made some suggestions about other opportunities and when we started talking about weight loss and health she heard my passion. “Blog about what you’re passionate about – it’ll always come out sincere.”

So I started to write. I had about four blog posts before I published anything, as I couldn’t come up with a name. I asked all these people I knew and they came up with something that had weight or loss or health in the name – combinations, play on words.   None of them suited me because, to tell you the truth, I don’t consider myself an expert on any of those things. What I do know and feel very strongly about is wellness without deprivation. Just me and sometimes bacon. It made sense then because I consider myself a regular girl. It still makes sense two years later even as I’ve grown.   Do I consider myself a blogger? No more than I consider myself a runner. I’m a person with food issues. I’m not alone. And I know from personal experience that you can lose the weight issues and handle your food issues.  So if  sharing my hows, my observations, and my whys helps even one other person, then that is why I’m here.

  • I have a love affair with chocolate, wine and bacon.
  • I eat emotionally.
  • I do better cooking for a dozen than I do for 2-4.
  • I look at food as a very important vehicle that bridges cultures and people in a very non threatening way.
  • Food can bring comfort and joy and it brings me closer to those I love.
  • Genetic issues in my family include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid disease – all making it very challenging to lose weight.
  • I am not an exercise fan.

So how does ^^^ that person lose weight and keep it off? Do I have a superpower? (We all do.) Am I that different from you? (Of course.) Does being different mean you can’t do it? (NO!)

So how do I sum up the last 2 years of my blog?

Look, I have no secrets, no magic pill, no hidden agenda. I work hard. I decide daily – sometimes hourly – to work hard or not to and live with the consequences. I reframe almost everything to the positive and dismiss the negative. The late Wayne Dyer said, “Conflict cannot survive without your participation.” The conflict with those who constantly tell me what they can’t have, the conflict with colleagues speaking out on how others are doing it wrong, the conflict of the media telling you to eat only this – but not that, the conflict of those who consider themselves “foodies” judging what others eat.   There is a ton of conflict out there – how do we manage to make it through a day without it? How do we know how to live?

Okay….so maybe I have a few secrets – but I think you know them all so that makes them a little less than “secret.” None of these so-called secrets have anything to do with one specific plan, but I can tell you that you can apply them all to any plan.

  1. Never, ever, ever, ever food shame. Stop judging other people’s eating. It’s none of your business if they’re eating too little, too much, too fatty, not enough fat, fast food, boxed food, gourmet food, vegetarian or all meat. It’s NONE of your business. If people ask me for help, I have been trained to help them. But if they’re not asking – I’m not telling. It’s never okay to shame others and food is no exception.   [Corollary: Do I believe that the plan I follow is the best? Yes. But I’m not going to shame you if you don’t follow it. As long as I follow for me what I think is best it’s all I need to worry about.]
  1. Dieting is what you eat – it’s not what you don’t eat. Focus on what makes you successful and not what you “can’t” have. As soon as you focus on what you “can’t” have, you want 10 of it.  If you focus on the foods that actually make you feel good and successful, you’ll go that direction more frequently.
  1. Don’t let a plan dictate your life. Your life will always trump your plan so if they don’t mesh, then it’s probably not going to last. Things that don’t last mean exactly that – it doesn’t matter how well you do if it doesn’t last. If you’re constantly on travel, you might not want to pick a plan where you have to cook everything to be successful. Your plan needs to fit your personality – that makes it livable.
  1. You’ve heard this a thousand times but it’s true – do not do anything to lose weight that you’re not willing to do for the rest of your life. Many times clichés are clichés because they’re true.
  1. Make small changes and don’t be perfect.   If that means going from 10 sodas a day to 5 – you rocked it.
  1. Do your best today and if today doesn’t work out the way you wanted to, then do your best tomorrow. Your best, by the way, is “excuse-free.”

I am proud to be a Weight Watcher Leader and Personal Coach. But I am more proud to be a Weight Watcher member who goes through each day with her food issues and makes it through – some days more successfully than others.


One thought on ““Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” Inigo Montoya

  1. This blog was so dynamic Marci and I agree with what you said. Your blogs mean so much to me when I read them. I only regret I have is the blogs are so far and in-between. Wish you had more free time to write more often.

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