Aren’t we all just perfect?

Lady Gaga plays an important role in my walks. I have many of her songs on my workout playlist. Boy does she get me moving!   Thank you, Lady Gaga! But each time I hear, “Born this way” I walk harder and faster and prouder. These specific lyrics get me:

My mama told me when I was young
We are all born superstars
She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on
In the glass of her boudoir

There’s nothin’ wrong with lovin’ who you are
She said, ’cause He made you perfect, babe

He made me perfect. He made my husband perfect. He made my kids perfect. We hear all the time, “Nobody’s perfect.” But I disagree. I think we all are. And, I think we’re all not. We have crises in our lives. We don’t always cope with them well. We have health issues.We have addictions. We have mental health issues. We are stubborn.   We are too this or too that.   Our bodies have flaws. How do you define perfect?

I’m celebrating this week. This week I celebrate seven years at goal! YAY!   Staying at goal has been harder for me than losing weight. But I can do hard things and it’s actually getting more comfortable. I’ve had emotional eating days (like before.) I’ve made good and bad choices (like before.) I’ve planned or not planned (like before.) I’ve had good days/weeks/months (like before.) I’ve cried in my own frustration (like before.)

I see myself staying this way because I’m not perfect – and my plan is the perfect plan for those of us who aren’t perfect. Lucky for me that there is not a perfectionist strand of DNA in my body.  I’m so loosey goosey. I love my plan. I like the flexibility because I think diets are hard… when they’re that much room for flexibility, it can be hard for the perfectionist.

I want my members (and me!) to define what’s perfect for them. I want them to understand that being accountable is more important than counting up to a number. I want them to know that rebounding is a more important skill to master than learning 8 ways to use boneless/skinless chicken breasts. I want them to truly feel successful and happy so that they can stick to something for longer than they have before. I want them being able to comfortably say, “I didn’t make good choices today, but they’re tracked and I’m okay. Moving on.” THAT is perfect. Our goal should always be honest with ourselves and know we have to do this for life. It makes the little blips of bad days so much easier to accept. I want them to know that they can conquer any goal they want and be successful.

I look in the mirror and can either see flaws or just me. I enjoy my laugh lines because I earned them with joy. I accept and love my imperfect body because it is getting stronger every day and produced two amazing kids and reminds me that I’m living every day! I see freckles because walking outside in the sunshine is something I love to do. I thrive on laughing at how IMPERFECT I am. But in my imperfection, I realize I was made this way.  God made me THIS way on purpose.  He had to have his reasons!   According to Him, I am wonderfully perfect in all my imperfections. And that’s why I can say that these 7 years at goal have been fabulous – and imperfectly perfect.

Hey – only 46 more to go!


3 thoughts on “Aren’t we all just perfect?

  1. Another true and good blog that I can relate too as so many others can also. Thanks for this Marci and keep them coming, I love reading them.

  2. Another true and good blog that I can relate too as so many others can also. Thanks for this Marci and keep them coming, I love reading them. By the way a really beautiful picture of you!

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