Maybe not “Best Self” but definitely “Better Self”

We’re headed in to what I love to call the Bermuda Triangle of Weight Loss.  I didn’t coin the phrase – don’t know who did – but boy do I agree with it.

Inside eight weeks we have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  How many of you thought about losing weight at one point in your life and decided to WAIT until after the holidays?  C’mon, own up.  That decision gives you permission to eat all the foods, all the baked goods, all the candy, all the turkey.  Then you start your diet with an extra 10 pounds on you.

I once had a member who joined the night before Thanksgiving.  Think about a Weight Watcher meeting the night before Thanksgiving.  There were NOT a lot of attendees there!   But there she is – a brand new member.   One of the other members asked her why?  Why join the night before an eating fest?  She simply answered, “Two reasons:  the first is that if I could lose weight during the hardest 6 weeks in the year, I can no longer give myself an excuse why I can’t throughout the rest of the year.   The other reason is that my card-playing friends are all joining in January and I want 10 pounds on them.”  She was right.  She lost those 10 and then another 80 because in her head it was a done deal.  She started at the hardest time and she exercised her “no” muscle a LOT in the month of December.

This past week at Weight Watchers we discussed how we see ourselves and how we see our Best Self. It was one of the most powerful week of meetings with some major “ah-ha!” moments.

How do you see yourself by New Year’s (when SO many others are just imagining THEIR selves by summertime)? What do you want to wear? Do you fit in to it?  How do you want to look?  Will you see family and friends that you don’t normally see throughout the year?  Do you want to be the Same Self or a Better Self?

If you choose Same Self – that’s awesome!  Don’t stop doing what you’re doing!   You’re doing great and will achieve that goal!  There is NOTHING wrong with choosing this path and don’t let ANYONE guilt you in to thinking otherwise.

If you choose Better Self – that’s awesome, too!  But now you have to have a plan because in order to get to Better Self, there must be some change.  What will that change be?  Break it down.  What will you do between now and Halloween?  How will you address the candy situation?  Is there a candy situation?  What happens if you make it through Halloween night all proud and the next day everyone brings in the leftover candy to the office?!  AAAaaackkkk!  It’s even the stuff you like!   What’s the plan?  What advice would Better Self give you about the month of October?

What’s the plan to get through Thanksgiving?   Do you get to plan the menu? Will you want to main that one week and lose all the weeks prior to the date? What will it take? Extra activity? Replacing some nighttime ice cream with fruit? More activity? On the day, will there be a Turkey Trot?  Flag football with the family outside?  A walk throughout the neighborhood?   Smaller portions of stuffing?  Will there be a plan to bring or cook some dishes that help you succeed?  Will you ask for help from your family or some friends?   Will you talk to a coach or another type of accountability partner?  What advice would Better Self give you about the month of November?

In December the world bakes – all of a sudden the world smells like cinnamon!  How will you exercise your no muscle throughout December?   How will you manage your indulgences without feeling deprived OR off your plan? What advice would Better Self give you about the month of December?

Better Self takes some work.  Better Self responds to setbacks differently and keeps going. But I want your Better Self to look in the mirror on New Year’s Eve and say, “Well dayum….you ROCK!  You just flew through the Bermuda Triangle and lived to gloat about it!”

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