2016…. and the theme is…. Nourish!

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get healthy. I must say that I’m happy to see more “get healthy” rather than “lose weight” resolutions. And that “get healthy” was one of the driving factors to the WW new plan, Beyond the Scale. We want to address getting healthy from the three tiers – Food, Fitness and Fulfillment. When I first heard about it in late September, I was PUMPED.   This is what I’ve been excited about for my own life and now my new plan will help that. For me, it goes under the theme of nourishment.

I was raised by a stereotypical Jewish mother. (If a Director asked a Casting person to get him a Jewish Mother, they’d get my mom!) I’ve written of my mom before and in every one of those posts, I speak of how she showered me and my family with love, with food, and with passion. She nourished me. When I became a wife and became a mom, I’ve always had this goal – to nourish.

I became healthier being a member of Weight Watchers and then even more passionate about health and wellness as a Leader. One of my biggest joys is to watch members make small changes to better nourish themselves as well as their families. I heard from two members this year saying that this is the first year that their resolutions don’t include losing weight. They’re at or close to their goal and healthier than they’ve ever been. Nourished.

Who doesn’t love fresh starts? People feel so hopeful about a new year ahead of them. I do. I’m not usually one to start something in the new year, because any resolutions I’ve made in the past usually are broken by 3 p.m. that day. But it’s still a time for renewal and hope.   Human spirit (along with media) pushes that hope and lifts us and encourages us. And that hope is contagious! As a Weight Watchers Leader and Personal Coach, I get to see that hope everyday. And as contagious as it is, I get to watch it spread. I get to watch someone come in who’s discouraged about the scale not moving and hearing a fellow meetings member share a “FINALLY” got that 5 pound star! And that gives hope to the one discouraged. I get to watch that. They’re now connected and both hopeful. It’s beautiful. And nourishing.

Nourishment comes in different forms. We need to nourish our bodies with healthy foods and not too much of them. We need to nourish our bodies with activity to get and keep us strong. We need to nourish our souls with nurturing our talents, self care and being kind to ourselves and others.   We need to nourish our faith – whatever faith you have, by developing that relationship.  Don’t you wish it was as simple to do than to say?   I’ll get more practical in future blogs, but in the mean time take a few seconds before eating or doing something “what does this nourish?” and that might help the process. (One of my friends, Melissa, blogged about this very theme – nourish2016. She started writing about it while I was still talking about it in my head and to my friends. I’ll include her blog, too. Read it and give her a follow! http://let-there-be-light.net/2015/12/16/nourish/)

So I’m not doing a resolution list this year. I’m doing a theme. My theme for 2016 is Nourish. You’ll see me using #nourish in many posts. And it might be challenging considering it’s an election year (ha!) but I’m enthusiastic. I always choose enthusiasm and positivity and my goal is to nourish. I choose happy. I choose to go to and not run from. I choose to smile and be proud. I choose to make changes where and when I can and accept the gifts bestowed upon me. I choose to give more than receive. I choose my own reactions and know those are the ones….and the only ones…I can control. I choose to accept apologies not given. I choose happy. I choose enthusiasm. I choose to nourish.

Join me. Let’s nourish ourselves – and others – in 2016!!


One thought on “2016…. and the theme is…. Nourish!

  1. I love this and couldn’t agree more. I am jumping on board and will be working to nourish myself from the inside out! Happy New Year and thank you!

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