Impressive Results? January in “Weight Loss”

Lobster-inspired weight loss creams
A magical powder to sprinkle on food to make you lose your appetite
A supplement to get you to your high-school skinny
Caffeine-infused underwear to destroy fat cells

Those were real products, folks.  <insert eye roll here>

My friend Shady uses her own barometer for the ads:  Does it sound too good to be true? For instance, will you eat whatever you want and lose 17 pounds a week? Will it take all the wrinkles off your face? Will you now be able to ride a sparkling unicorn to work, if you do it?

For what it’s worth, if I get to ride a sparkling unicorn, I’m in.  I mean it – really in.  Someone sell THAT to me, I’m so there!

This world is obsessed with the fast and the easy.  And the superficial.  January on social media brings you anything from “Impressive results FAST” to “15 pounds this week, can your diet beat THAT?

It’s absolutely scary how vulnerable and desperate we have become and it saddens me.  I consider myself an intelligent woman, but this is a button and businesses know how to push our buttons.

What does “Impressive Results” mean in terms of weight loss?  Well, the marketing for some companies would have you believe it means fast.  You lose weight fast.   I call BS.  And so do you, actually.

In terms of weight loss, I think “Impressive Results” mean you keep weight that you lose – OFF.

As a Weight Watcher Leader and Personal Coach, I’ve never had a member come to me and say, “Marci, I’d like to lose a lot of weight and then I’d like to gain it all back again.  Can you help me with that?”   (By the way, I could.)    But have you ever heard anyone say that?  Yeah, me neither.  Impressive results are so much more than weight loss and maintenance.




evoking admiration through size, quality, or skill: grand, imposing, or awesome.

Each year I think we (as a society) are making progress in the mindset shift, and each January scammers all over peddle their products and schemes to that button.  That button.   How can we disable that button and replace it with the one that reminds you that nothing worthwhile comes fast and easy?

Very often I hear people say, “I can lose weight without a problem.  I just can’t keep it off.”   That’s what happens when we diet.  Diets have a start and a stop.   But we keep weight off when we change our habits. Changing habits for a healthier lifestyle takes small steps but does result in IMPRESSIVE RESULTS.  I do have to say that it’s easier to replace a behavior than remove a behavior – our mind is wired to pair things together.   (Think of Pavlov!)   Truly impressive results are when you’re focused on the good (what do I love?  What gives me joy?) and not the bad (if I eat that, I’ll just binge.  I might as well eat the whole bag and then not buy anymore.  I’m so stupid, why can’t I just do what I know to be right? Why can’t I just be NORMAL?)

We need to use the term “yet” when we’re frustrated that our bodies aren’t on the same time table as our mind.  (I’m not at my goal weight YET.  I haven’t mastered putting exercising in my day YET.)  We need to know that truly impressive results are when we realize that we are doing things differently than we did last month.  That we changed a habit and replaced it with something to help ourselves do better, be better, think better.  Better is compared to YESTERDAY and not to someone else, by the way!

Impressive is when you realize that you didn’t even go down the chip aisle because that’s not what you want.

Impressive is realizing that you look for ways to move and smile.

Impressive is when you realize that what you do on Sundays is steam a dozen eggs and roast two trays of veggies because that’s what you do to have a good start to your week.  Not that you did it once – but that’s just what Sundays mean now.

Impressive is when you realize that when you had a rough day at work, you reach to things that you DO deserve, like a soothing bath and a hug from a spouse and validation that you’re amazing – not the cookies.

Impressive is when you realize you’ve made a new normal.

You have the ability to have impressive results in anything you do.  But you don’t buy impressive results.  You make it.  You surround yourself with positive, like-minded people who support that growth mindset you’re nurturing.   You create an environment (work and home!) that align with your goals and you believe that you’re already impressive.  You create a journey that suits your life and not one that you have to postpone your life!  You forgive yourself for taking two steps forward and then some steps back and get up like a toddler learning to walk and try again.

For over 9 years I’ve been within an 8 pound window.  I can honestly say that never has that happened prior to now in my life.   And although I still can’t say “I got this!” I live my life inside a balance.  I’m not your poster girl for healthy – yet.  I’m not your poster girl for exercise – yet.  And there are still times I’ll find myself in a bathtub with a glass (or 2) of wine or diving emotionally in to a bag of M&Ms (after I’ve poured them in to a glass jar because, really, that’s just such a beautiful sound!)    I do this with Weight Watchers because it’s been the one plan that has said to me, “Let me fit in to your world.  Please don’t contort yourself and struggle and deprive.  Let me be there for your changes.  Let’s change your mindset.  Let’s work together and make this flexible in your life.  And then let’s adjust accordingly.”  But it doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you choose YOU – and not the button.   We need to redefine impressive results, people.  We need to truly believe that a life plan is about growing in to the person we’re meant to become in the body we’re meant to be inside.  At the end of my life, I don’t want people to say “wow, she was a size 8 for 40 years.”  I want them to talk about what value I gave to them, what I gave to others, what impact and service did I provide to enrich people, did I live with integrity.

Am I where I need to be?  Not yet. I’m still growing….just not physically!   And I believe that one of the most impressive results I have seen is that button of mine that the commercials used to push….is broken.


7 thoughts on “Impressive Results? January in “Weight Loss”

  1. Very, very impressive. I needed this. My biggest struggle is spending Sunday planning for the work week ahead. I have always really judged myself that it is a really bad thing that I do this & not go out & do something I enjoy. I really, really, really struggle with this.

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