Say yes to you

We walk in to WW because we want something. We might want a new clothing size, a lower cholesterol, fewer pains in our joints, to be healthier, or even to be an example to our kids.

BBQ, candy, cookies, bread – all are on the plan with WW. There is no cheating since nothing is off the table. But if we say every time, “sure, I can have it, since it’s not off the table” then we’re not eating according to our goals.

I’ve noticed that as a society, we’re very in-the-moment. We want immediate gratification. When we see something, we’re not saying “no.” We’re not even saying, “not now.” People are buying food, cars, clothes, etc., because we’re making it SO easy and I’m noticing… well, we’re easy. We’re easily enabled.

But what would happen to your weight loss journey if we started saying “Yes” to your goals and “no, thank you” to the behaviors that might hinder them? What if we switched our thinking – shifted our mindset – to each time we’re faced with that over-the-budget indulgence we’re not saying no to the food, but saying no to going over budget.

When we say yes or no to food, we give food power. When we say yes or no to our behaviors, we give ourselves power.


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