What if this is the new normal?

When I was a new mother one of the best pieces of advice I received was “Don’t rush any of the stages.  Never say “I can’t wait til _____.  Relish in each stage, they’ll go so fast.”  What great advice it was, even though some of those stages were painful!  But living in the moment is very good advice.

What if this is our new normal?  I know it is for now, but truly there are many who will never be able to go back to their pre-pandemic normal.  They might have lost their income, their family, their spouse, their friends, their homes, their food sources, their sanity.  I sat in a workshop tonight where we talked about what is and what is not in our control and when, at the end, where we were declaring our intent for the week someone wrote that their intent was to treat this temporary time as if it wasn’t temporary.  How freaking beautiful is that?  We can take it in a million directions, but when we hunker down and start accepting things, that’s where we can make the most impact on ourselves.

I remember the day it occurred to me that although I might not have a weight problem, I’ll have a food problem for the rest of my life.  It was simultaneously depressing and liberating because it allowed me to accept and make changes and use some tools to manage the situation.   Surviving addicts will tell you that they had to own the responsibility of a problem in order to start recovery.  They have to face the fact that they have a new normal and it didn’t include whatever the behavior was that got them to the word “recovery.”  When people get a diagnosis of a disease, they have a plan to deal with it.  It might include surgery or medication or pain management – but they have a new normal.

So I ask again – what if this is our new normal?  What would be the good things?  What would be the hard things?  What would you need to change in YOUR life?  What mindset shift would need to happen? I ask this honestly because this wasn’t a concept that I was even entertaining in my head – and for that reason I wasn’t doing this in a healthy (mentally or physically) way.  But, if I shift gears and say –“This is it – this is the way it’s going to be – how am I going to create my life the way I want it to look?” then I might get somewhere – I might actually achieve and accomplish and practice self care and live a life that’s not temporary.

One thought on “What if this is the new normal?

  1. Wow, arci, just when I think you can’t write any more clearly or beautifully, you go and do it again! I bow down before you; you’re that wonderful a writer. It’s as though you are reading my mind. Obvy, kudos.

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