Pandemic learning

In my Facebook memories are beautiful moments of travel (damn – I was in Hawaii and Connecticut and Virginia), of studio workshops and member comments, of company at my house, of my kids here of dogs playing.   

During this pandemic it’s easy to look back and think, life’s all broken now.  Will I ever _____ again?   Will I ever feel the same way as ____ again?

The answer is no.  But it’s because moments in time are as unique as snowflakes.  I might have company – it will be different.  I might travel – it will be different.  When I go back to WW studios, it IS different.  (I went this morning to celebrate a 50 lb loss for a member!  It was clean and safe and socially-distanced, but different.) 

Being at home and saying no to many things to keep safe has had an impact on many people’s mental health – mine included.  We cancel more and more and postpone planning more and more and what happens is that we can go too far inward.  I’ve emotionally eaten.  I’ve emotionally lashed out.  I’ve emotionally rested.  All the while I was thinking I need to move past the emotions instead of sitting with them.  Once I started sitting with them, turning towards the part that felt a little broken or tender or just plain bad and staying with them like I would a hurt child…. I found some valuable information inside.   Not information to put in to words, but more valuable “Marci” information I will use to go forward. 

This is what I’ve learned this week.  

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