Happy Anniversary to ME!

12 years ago I didn’t pick up a prescription for a statin. 12 years ago my husband knew to take pictures of me “chest up”. 12 years ago I found myself staring in to a Costco size bag of UTZ potato chips finding it empty and that I ate them all. 12 years ago I […]

Make yourself uncomfortable

I’ve alluded to this before, but our habits – our routines – are what drives our success or our downfalls.  We’re constantly paring behaviors.  We pair watching football with drinking beer or eating pizza or nachos.  We pair coming home from a stressful day and pouring a glass of wine because “we deserve it.”  We […]

Aren’t we all just perfect?

Lady Gaga plays an important role in my walks. I have many of her songs on my workout playlist. Boy does she get me moving!   Thank you, Lady Gaga! But each time I hear, “Born this way” I walk harder and faster and prouder. These specific lyrics get me: My mama told me when I […]

You’re not fat.

I was reading some of my previous blog posts and realized that I repeat myself a lot. Then I thought about things. Weight loss. Life balance. Behaviors. And of course I repeat myself. There’s only so much *new* on the subject. I had a conversation today with a person that I hadn’t seen in a […]

I don’t “GOT” this!

Recently I had a conversation with a friend and love languages came in to the topic. I didn’t really know mine when she simply said, “Yours is easy – you’re the cheerleader.” I smiled, thinking that had to be one of the greatest compliments I could get. She has no idea how often I’ve thought […]

I’m just not a good dieter, but I have learned a few things.

I’m not a perfect dieter. In fact, I am HORRIBLE at it. I can blame a number of reasons for this, but what I’ve found is (finally science is backing me up on this) dieting puts weight ON. The most fattening thing in the world is deprivation. One of my pet peeves is when people say, […]

Success versus Mastery

On NPR Sunday morning sometimes I hear snippets from the TED Radio Hour.  Today’s snippet had me fascinated enough to come home and listen to the full TED talk.   Sarah Lewis – Ted Talk  http://www.npr.org/2014/07/18/331344946/how-do-our-near-wins-motivate-us-to-keep-going – was talking about Near Wins.  But the snippet I heard that struck the chord I needed striking at that […]