I can do hard things

Five years ago I ran my first and only ½ marathon. I wrote this race report (below), which reminded me of the high I felt that day. And although I still don’t love or even like to run, it’s nice to be reminded that I can do hard things. In fact, it’s more than nice […]

You’re not fat.

I was reading some of my previous blog posts and realized that I repeat myself a lot. Then I thought about things. Weight loss. Life balance. Behaviors. And of course I repeat myself. There’s only so much *new* on the subject. I had a conversation today with a person that I hadn’t seen in a […]

Dieting is hard. You’re worth hard.

Diets are everywhere. Eat less, move more and it’ll come off. So simple, right? But then what? And what about now? Now when everywhere you look someone’s bringing in pastry or cookies or inviting you to potlucks and special lunches and parties? (Actually, I’m not that social, but you get my drift.) Those of us […]

I don’t “GOT” this!

Recently I had a conversation with a friend and love languages came in to the topic. I didn’t really know mine when she simply said, “Yours is easy – you’re the cheerleader.” I smiled, thinking that had to be one of the greatest compliments I could get. She has no idea how often I’ve thought […]

You are enough

Who are we in the mirror and who are we to the public?  Are we different people?  Some people who I think own the room when they walk in it feel inside like the room is closing in on them.  Some women who, by even the most classic standards are gorgeous, see themselves as plain. […]