Happy Anniversary to ME!

12 years ago I didn’t pick up a prescription for a statin. 12 years ago my husband knew to take pictures of me “chest up”. 12 years ago I found myself staring in to a Costco size bag of UTZ potato chips finding it empty and that I ate them all. 12 years ago I […]

Make yourself uncomfortable

I’ve alluded to this before, but our habits – our routines – are what drives our success or our downfalls.  We’re constantly paring behaviors.  We pair watching football with drinking beer or eating pizza or nachos.  We pair coming home from a stressful day and pouring a glass of wine because “we deserve it.”  We […]

Impressive Results? January in “Weight Loss”

Lobster-inspired weight loss creams A magical powder to sprinkle on food to make you lose your appetite A supplement to get you to your high-school skinny Caffeine-infused underwear to destroy fat cells Those were real products, folks.  <insert eye roll here> My friend Shady uses her own barometer for the ads:  Does it sound too […]

Maybe not “Best Self” but definitely “Better Self”

We’re headed in to what I love to call the Bermuda Triangle of Weight Loss.  I didn’t coin the phrase – don’t know who did – but boy do I agree with it. Inside eight weeks we have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  How many of you thought about losing weight at one point in your […]

Dieting is hard. You’re worth hard.

Diets are everywhere. Eat less, move more and it’ll come off. So simple, right? But then what? And what about now? Now when everywhere you look someone’s bringing in pastry or cookies or inviting you to potlucks and special lunches and parties? (Actually, I’m not that social, but you get my drift.) Those of us […]

My New Year’s mishmash

Similar to the secular practice of making New Year’s resolutions, Rosh Hashanah mandates that Jews examine their past deeds to plan for a better life in the coming year.  I love the fresh start it gives me. I love making plans for fresh starts – resolutions with some leeway. I recently posted something to my […]

Holidays and food

My holidays are about my family.  My holidays are about my family.  My holidays are about my family.  Truly….they ARE about my family AND the food.  Who am I kidding?  Each holiday has special dishes that translate in to love.  My kids ask for specific dishes, my extended family asks for specific dishes and my […]