Aren’t we all just perfect?

Lady Gaga plays an important role in my walks. I have many of her songs on my workout playlist. Boy does she get me moving!   Thank you, Lady Gaga! But each time I hear, “Born this way” I walk harder and faster and prouder. These specific lyrics get me: My mama told me when I […]

I don’t “GOT” this!

Recently I had a conversation with a friend and love languages came in to the topic. I didn’t really know mine when she simply said, “Yours is easy – you’re the cheerleader.” I smiled, thinking that had to be one of the greatest compliments I could get. She has no idea how often I’ve thought […]

Success versus Mastery

On NPR Sunday morning sometimes I hear snippets from the TED Radio Hour.  Today’s snippet had me fascinated enough to come home and listen to the full TED talk.   Sarah Lewis – Ted Talk – was talking about Near Wins.  But the snippet I heard that struck the chord I needed striking at that […]

Celebrate my anniversary!

Is it really an anniversary? Eight  years ago I RE-joined Weight Watchers.  I say that because I joined first in 1987 before I got married and that’s when I hit lifetime.  This is what happens when you’re 25 years old and about to get married.  So I got to lifetime, felt I was “cured” and […]