Just today

What is it about stress that causes us to give up on our plan? Do we think our plan is stress and we can’t add “one more thing”. Is it really less stressful to dive in to the cake or chips or fast food? I’m not here to actually answer the question. I’m one of […]

Wow – it’s been 10 years!

Ten years ago this month, numerous events took place: test results from a physical showing my cholesterol to be extremely high, a printed picture of a night I thought I looked great but didn’t – at all, and sitting watching TV with an open and empty bag of chips and no memory of eating those […]

Aren’t we all just perfect?

Lady Gaga plays an important role in my walks. I have many of her songs on my workout playlist. Boy does she get me moving!   Thank you, Lady Gaga! But each time I hear, “Born this way” I walk harder and faster and prouder. These specific lyrics get me: My mama told me when I […]

New Year’s Resolutions – yay or nay?

In the past I can tell you that I’ve made numerous New Year’s resolutions that I broke no later than January 5th (on a good year.)  But I don’t NOT believe in them.  I totally believe in goals and resolutions – just not necessarily ones that start on a Monday or the 1st or “tomorrow.” […]

I’m not in the mood

“Not now, Mom, I’m not in the mood.” Well, la-di-da.   Did you ever hear that from someone – that they’re not in the mood for something?  Ever tell someone else that you’re not in the mood for something?  Ever NOT do something because you weren’t in the mood? Duh.  We all do. Some days I’m […]

What’s the rush?

Numerous people in my life suggested that I repost a note I wrote earlier this year (before I started this blog) here.   So I am.  Obviously some of you have read it before.   I have adjusted it a bit.  But my opinions on this haven’t changed.   I constantly notice a lot of posts and comments […]