Mindset and Balance: my 2019 words of the year

Over Christmas dinner, my extended family were talking about this commercial or that one and I looked at my husband and realized… hmmm.  Haven’t seen ANY of those! I’m somewhat thrilled that the times now that I watch TV, it’s usually recorded or on a streaming service.  I rarely see commercials. But I can guarantee […]

Better by the Dozen

As a Weight Watcher Leader, I’m constantly suggesting (….ok, nudging….ok, pushing…OK, kicking their butts….) my members get out of their comfort zone. We say magic happens outside of your comfort zone. But what does that mean? We say we’re “Beyond the Scale” but does everyone “get” that? I remember little elf Judy in the movie, […]

Acceptances and disappointments

On any given day in social media, you will find articles and pictures telling us to be happy with our bodies. Accept and love them. That the way towards shedding the weight is to be happy WITH the body you have.   Be comfortable in your skin. Don’t make excuses in it – revel in it. […]

Wow – it’s been 10 years!

Ten years ago this month, numerous events took place: test results from a physical showing my cholesterol to be extremely high, a printed picture of a night I thought I looked great but didn’t – at all, and sitting watching TV with an open and empty bag of chips and no memory of eating those […]

Take the Power away from the Numbers

Why are we so obsessed with numbers? “I want to make $100,000 salary by the time I’m 50 years old.” “Oh my goodness – I’m going to be 30! 40! 50!” etc. “I need to get a 95 on this test.” “I don’t have this much money in my bank account.” “My company didn’t meet […]

You’re not fat.

I was reading some of my previous blog posts and realized that I repeat myself a lot. Then I thought about things. Weight loss. Life balance. Behaviors. And of course I repeat myself. There’s only so much *new* on the subject. I had a conversation today with a person that I hadn’t seen in a […]

Four Women

Once upon a time….no…that’s not right. That’s the beginning of fairy tales.    This is more real.  At different times, at different points in their lives, for different reasons, four different women joined Weight Watchers.  They each have different strengths and weaknesses-a very important distinction. All very different…and yet… each of these women took what […]

Where is being healthy on your list?

I love to cook and bake and create delicious food!   I rarely have met a recipe I haven’t “doctored”.  I love to put a Marci touch on my food.   I follow many food sites and blogs and thrive when I entertain (now that I have my updated kitchen, that is!)   I love the creative process […]

Enjoy each stage….at least LIVE it!

You know when you start a new plan (exercise, food, job, business) you’re 150%.  So pumped – so energized.  Everything is perfect.  You buy the right foods.  You make new recipes.  You follow everything to the letter.  Why can’t we maintain that level of energy?  Focus? Motivation?  We get overwhelmed.  We look too far ahead.  […]

Patience… ’nuff said

Ever hear the expression, “I’m one injury away from gaining my weight back”?   Throughout my weight loss this didn’t apply to me – I was rarely that active.  But towards goal I became more and more active and when I hit goal I wanted to explore lots of different activities.    I see people who don’t […]