What if this is the new normal?

When I was a new mother one of the best pieces of advice I received was “Don’t rush any of the stages.  Never say “I can’t wait til _____.  Relish in each stage, they’ll go so fast.”  What great advice it was, even though some of those stages were painful!  But living in the moment […]

Mindset and Balance: my 2019 words of the year

Over Christmas dinner, my extended family were talking about this commercial or that one and I looked at my husband and realized… hmmm.  Haven’t seen ANY of those! I’m somewhat thrilled that the times now that I watch TV, it’s usually recorded or on a streaming service.  I rarely see commercials. But I can guarantee […]

Impressive Results? January in “Weight Loss”

Lobster-inspired weight loss creams A magical powder to sprinkle on food to make you lose your appetite A supplement to get you to your high-school skinny Caffeine-infused underwear to destroy fat cells Those were real products, folks.  <insert eye roll here> My friend Shady uses her own barometer for the ads:  Does it sound too […]

Emotional Eating

Happy Sad Bored Depressed Anxious Stressed Elated Nervous Enraged Frustrated Ignored Enthusiastic Hostile Inspired Bitter Bold I’m an emotional person.  Those are just some of the emotions that we feel throughout our lives.  In fact, that list encompasses about a week! How often do we go to food when we’re emotional?  Me?  A lot.  Often.  […]

Be scared.

There were a lot of posts about Veteran’s Day today. I was pretty moved, as I usually am hearing about different soldiers’ stories.  One quote in particular struck me at my core: Bravery doesn’t mean you aren’t scared.  It means you go anyway. Yeah.  Pretty powerful when we think of our armed forces.  But that […]

Talking positive!

When I first became a Weight Watcher leader, I had a member come in crying because she was too fat.  The fact that she isn’t, wasn’t, was irrelevant.  She was crying because she *felt* too fat. She kept saying, “I hate what I’ve done to myself!  Look at me!”  I looked.  I couldn’t see it.  […]


Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that change your life forever. The key to change is to let go of fear. Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. There are probably as many quotes about change as there are about love.  Changing “something” is […]