I don’t “GOT” this!

Recently I had a conversation with a friend and love languages came in to the topic. I didn’t really know mine when she simply said, “Yours is easy – you’re the cheerleader.” I smiled, thinking that had to be one of the greatest compliments I could get. She has no idea how often I’ve thought […]

Behavior vs. Intent

Behavior vs. Intent – it’s about credibility. Today’s light bulb moment – how I measure MYSELF isn’t how others measure me.  I’ve had hundreds of conversations in my life with girlfriends, my husband, my family members, even myself about me losing weight.  I talked about how I am going on <insert latest diet here> diet and […]

Be happy!

There are always going to be the people who find the bad in things.  They’ll complain about their job, their friends, their kids, their spouses – even themselves.  “Whine” is their first language.  If I were the type that pitied, I’d pity them.  But I’m not – so I don’t.  And the reason I don’t […]

Baby Steps

It’s amazing how fast people go from “Holiday Happy” to “New Year – New YOU motivation”.   All through December I watch people (including myself!) bake, eat, relax, and enjoy their holiday season all the while telling me they’re going to really hustle in January.  And we do.  We get this “new year – new slate” […]

Ugh to the food police!

When I first started losing weight, I was ready for deprivation (my past experience with weight loss). I ate a lot of frozen dinners. I had trouble getting in enough fruits and veggies. I needed to FIT IN my sweets. I didn’t drink enough plain water (still struggle with that). I ate mostly white grains, […]