Make yourself uncomfortable

I’ve alluded to this before, but our habits – our routines – are what drives our success or our downfalls.  We’re constantly paring behaviors.  We pair watching football with drinking beer or eating pizza or nachos.  We pair coming home from a stressful day and pouring a glass of wine because “we deserve it.”  We […]

Impressive Results? January in “Weight Loss”

Lobster-inspired weight loss creams A magical powder to sprinkle on food to make you lose your appetite A supplement to get you to your high-school skinny Caffeine-infused underwear to destroy fat cells Those were real products, folks.  <insert eye roll here> My friend Shady uses her own barometer for the ads:  Does it sound too […]

You’re not fat.

I was reading some of my previous blog posts and realized that I repeat myself a lot. Then I thought about things. Weight loss. Life balance. Behaviors. And of course I repeat myself. There’s only so much *new* on the subject. I had a conversation today with a person that I hadn’t seen in a […]

Where is being healthy on your list?

I love to cook and bake and create delicious food!   I rarely have met a recipe I haven’t “doctored”.  I love to put a Marci touch on my food.   I follow many food sites and blogs and thrive when I entertain (now that I have my updated kitchen, that is!)   I love the creative process […]

Baby Steps

It’s amazing how fast people go from “Holiday Happy” to “New Year – New YOU motivation”.   All through December I watch people (including myself!) bake, eat, relax, and enjoy their holiday season all the while telling me they’re going to really hustle in January.  And we do.  We get this “new year – new slate” […]

How do you know when you’re successful?

How do you know when you’re successful?  This isn’t an easy question.  Are we successful when we get in to a specific university?  Or maybe achieve a certain job?  Get to a certain weight?  Buy a certain car?   Live in a certain neighborhood?  Do we even celebrate and savor our successes?  Or do we immediately […]